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Blading and Bits
We also provide a sharpening service.
Circular Saw Blades TCT Blades Band Saw Blades Jigsaw Blades Hack Saw Blades
Trimming Knives Fret Saw Blades Hole Saw Blades Drill Bit Sets Masonry Bits
Router Bits Chisel Bits SDS Bits Flat Bits Core Bits
Expansive Bits        

General Purpose Hand Tools

Pretoria Toolcentre carries a range of general purpose hand tools for beginners up to professionals.  Such as:

Pliers Screw Drivers Hammers Saws Multi Purpose
Water Pump Pliers Pinch Pliers Yankee Screw Drivers Vice Grip Pliers Snips
Crimping Tools Club Hammer Mini Pliers Punches Mallets
Solder Iron Solder Gun Pop Riveters Lazy Tong Riveter Allen Key
Files Shifting Spanners Wrenches Wire Stripper Hack Saws

Builders Tools
Plaster Trowels Floats Tile-Cutting Machines Cold-Chisels Wrecking Bar
Bolsters Spirit-Levels Laser Level Dumpy Level Post Level
Scrapers Line Pins Fish Line Brick Trowels Plaster Hawk
Jointer Tools Wire Strainer Chalk Reel Plumb Bob Concrete Mixer
Brick Hammer Rubber Mallets      

Measuring Equipment
From general purpose to precision measuring tools
Tape Measures Rules Vernier Calipers Micrometers Measuring Wheels
Squares Closed Case Tapes Open Frame Tapes Calipers Centre Finders
Dial Gauges Telescopic Gauges Screw Pitch Gauges Feeler Gauge Magnetic Base
Squares Combination Squares      

Plumbing Tools
Plumbing tools for DIY and professionals, such as:
Threading Machines Hand-Pipe Threaders Pipe Wrenches Pipe Cutters Pipe Benders
Blow Torches Tube Bender Hydraulic Bender Tube Cutter Basin Wrench
Chain Pipe Wrench Chain Pipe Vice Chain Pipe Vice Stand Pipe Stock & Dice Hinged Pipe Vice
Tin Snip Aviation Snip      

Carpenters Tools
Carpenters tools for DIY and professionals, such as:
Mitre Box with Saw Mitre Box with Saw Mortice & Marking Gauge Planes Spoke Shave
Hand Saws Back Saws Nest of Saws Planer File Brace
Hand Drill Chisels Turning Chisels Carving Chisels Clamps
Hammers Squares Fret Saws Solder Bolt  

Spanners & Sockets
The Pretoria Toolcentre carries a vast range of:
Individual Spanners Swivel Spanners Sockets Socket Accessories Socket Sets
Spanner Sets Wheel Spanners Nut Drivers Tube Spanners Plug Spanners
Ratchet Spanner Speed Wrench Half Moon Spanners Slogging Spanners Podger Spanner
Impact Socket        

Tool Boxes
We stock a selection of various types of kits for beginners to enthusiasts.  The kits come in
Cantilever Box With Lift Out Tray Trommel 6 Drawer 7 Drawer
Caddy Wall Cabinet Trolleys Plastic Toolbox  

We stock a selection of various types of kits for beginners to enthusiasts.  The kits come in
Plastic Cases Pouches Mechanics Tool Kit Socket Tool Kit Socket & Bit Set
Hobby Tool Kit General Purpose Tool Kit      

Electrician Tools
We stock a selection of various types of tools for beginners to enthusiasts.  Such as:
Crimpers Heavy Duty Crimpers Wire Stripper Auto Tester Clamp Meters
Multi Meters Solder Iron Solder Gun Solder Wire High Voltage Screw Driver
High Voltage Screw Driver        

Vices & Clamps
We stock a selection to hold the most complicated work pieces.
Engineering Vices Woodwork Vices G-Clamps Sash-Clamps T-Bar Clamps
Quick Clamps Handy Clamps Corner Clamps Gluing Clamp Speed Clamp
Chain Pipe Vice Hinged Pipe Vice Drill Press Vice Swivel Vice  


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